Keynote Speakers


President of BD


Associate Dean, David Eccles School of Business and Director, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, University of Utah


All Speakers


Joseph Urban, MD

Park City Angels

Nilay Thakar

ARCH Venture Partners

Ted McAleer

Park City Angels

Nickolas Mark

Intermountain Healthcare Venture Group

Ron Heffernan

Mountain Pacific Venture Partners

David Hanaman

Park City Angels

Dustin Cook

Intermountain Healthcare Venture Group

Gunther Branham

Park City Angels

Angela Tymofichuk – Moderator

Vice President, Science, Technology And Research Logistics Specialties, Inc.

Greg Jones – Moderator

Associate Director, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah

Pat Vaughn

Managing Director, Talent Management Consulting

Marion Eckersley

Program Specialist/Supervisor, Invest In You Too Program, Department of Workforce Services

Melisa Stark

Program Manager, Employer Initiatives, Department of Workforce Services

Tamara L. Goetz, PhD

State Science Advisor, Office of Governor Herbert

James Montero

FDA Investigator

Chris Bleak – moderator

Partner, RRJ Consulting

Phil Dean

Utah State Budget Director and Chief Economist

Randall Block – moderator

Commercialization Director, Intermountain Healthcare

Alex Butler

Manager, Medical Solutions, MasterControl, Inc.

Timothy W. Lee

Medical Devices Account Manager, Northwest US, BSI

Robert R. Harrison – moderator

Partner Kimball Legal PLLC; Managing Director of North Star Health Care Compliance

Brad Wyman, PhD

CEO, OThree Consulting, LLC

Patricia Santos-Serrao, RAC

Director, Pharmaceutical & Biologics Solutions, MasterControl Inc.

Linda M. Chatwin, Esq, RAC

North American Manager Medical Device Regulatory Services, UL, LLC, and Strategic Partner MasterControl Inc.

Uwe Degenhardt

Director, Quality Compliance, Edwards Lifesciences and, Timothy W Lee, Medical Devices Account Manager, Northwest US, BSI

Anita Dalrymple – moderator

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Biomerics

Kerri Casino

Regulatory Affairs Manager, RAC EU, International Regulatory Affairs, Edwards Lifesciences

Angela Grosklags, RN MSN VA-BC

Associate Director of Medical Writing, Bard Access Systems